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with Amber Sawyer

A Postpartum Journey of Reconnection Through Yoga

“This course went beyond my expectations. I feel transformed and awakened in so many important ways with loads connecting for me. I feel the core awakening through my breath and posture is also shifting my mental, physical and spiritual realms. A life transformed. A journey redirected. A body enlivened. A spirt awakened. Thanks Amber - you are love. I am grateful” - Nikki Ruddick

Over the next 5 weeks, we will go on a journey to:
Reclaim our body and breath connection,
To balance our pelvic floor muscles,
Restore our core function,
Establish self-tending practices,
Harness our intuition & core confidence
Create a like minded community of Empowered postpartum women

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pregnancy program

by the end of these 5 weeks you will:

  • Have a strong community of like minded women to continually support you.
  • Feel in charge of your postpartum process and more connected to your body.
  • Deepen a connection to your posture, breath, pelvic floor and core.
  • ​Develop nourishing self-tending habits and appreciation for your body and mind.
  • ​Feel awesome knowing you are reconnecting, restoring and reintegrating post birth.

Who Will Benefit?

🌷 Any postpartum woman (regardless of time) who is looking to reconnect to her Core: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
🌷Any postpartum woman who would like to learn how to move safely in her postpartum body

🌷Any postpartum woman who would like to ease her physical challenges such as pelvic floor dysfunction diastasis and/or core weakness

🌷Any postpartum woman who would like to safely establish a yoga practice or movement practice of any kind

🌷Any postpartum woman desiring to connect with other postpartum women on a healing, nourishing and restorative journey


👉🏽 Live Content and Q&A Calls
Thursdays, 4:30pm - 5:45pm SGT (Singapore) and 10:30am - 11:45am CET (Spain)

👉🏽 Core Awakening Lab - optional office hours to jump on a live call with Amber to ask questions, check exercises deepen discussion & connect.
Alternate Tuesdays, 4:30pm - 5:30pm SGT (Singapore) 
and 10:30am - 11:30am CET (Spain)

All sessions will be recorded so you will still be able to learn and participate even if you aren't able to make it live 


Week By Week


We will learn the importance of our posture and how this, combined with proper breathing, is the number one component towards healing and restoring our postpartum body. We will explore ways to carry our posture optimally during our daily movements, as well as learn simple and effective methods to re-pattern our posture and breath


We will identify the pelvic floor muscles, learn about their important functions and how one might experience pelvic floor dysfunction, particularly postpartum. We will learn simple methods to assess our pelvic floor, as well as somatically experience and develop a relationship with these muscles.


We will learn all about the Core Four, a core team that is essential for core restoration and functionality. We will talk about Diastasis Recti, as well as learn how to assess our own potential core separation and functionality. Further, we will introduce simple, easy and effective methods to restore core function through deep core activation and functional movement.


We will put all of the foundational methods together, so you feel well equipped and confident to move safely in your postpartum body as you continue the road of restoration and recovery.


In this last session, we will have a final Closing Call to integrate what we have learned and explore ideas on how to bring this with us on our onward journey


A library of Postpartum Yoga Flows totaling 2.75hrs, including a special workshop presented at The Embodiment Conference, 
“Nourishing the Pelvic Landscape” with Amber


Our course features :

  • 75min of live, interactive online theory and Q&A, to introduce the concepts for the week (available as recording if you miss the Live call). We will have a total of 5 LIVE calls over 5 weeks. Thursdays, 4:30pm - 5:45pm SGT (Singapore) and 10:30am - 11:45am CET (Spain)
  • 1hr of live, "office hours" support, on alternate Mondays to cover any additional questions or personal instructions.
  • 60min, weekly, of pre-recorded “mini-yoga practices” (15-20 min each) related to the concept for each week.
  • PDF notes - downloadable notes to recapture what we talk about and an exercise reminder sheet if you like to practice in between lessons 
  • Weekly self-tending tips, affirmations to nourish the heart and guided meditations to nourish the spirit
  • Connection with other postpartum mommas on the same journey as you, circle time, meaningful conversations and encouragement

If you can't make all of the sessions, no worries—they will be recorded and shared inside the course.

Course material will continue to be available to you after the live sessions.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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          • How did I come up with the price?

           I truly believe in this series, as it was born out of my own postpartum healing journey, my dharma to support and empower other women, and a unique desire to explore the intricacies of postpartum healing and restoration.

          A 1-hr private session with me costs 130 USD, and in this session, we are sharing 8 hours of live content, plus 5 hours worth of yoga practices and meditation, a short manual to support your journey, bonus self-tending video tips and affirmations and a library of Postpartum Yoga Flows.

          You will have lifetime access to the course content and can travel at your own pace or revisit anytime you like. 

          Hopefully you will experience the value of this course with the same frequency at which I lovingly offer it!

          Love, Amber

          PS The timing for our live calls will be suitable for those of you who want to join from Europe, India, SE Asia and Australia/NZ

          PPS Not sure? ... read what these wonderful mothers said about our last Core Awakening program...


          “This course went beyond my expectations. I feel transformed and awakened in so many important ways with loads connecting for me. I feel the core awakening through my breath and posture is also shifting my mental, physical and spiritual realms. A life transformed. A journey redirected. A body enlivened. A spirt awakened. Thanks Amber - you are love. I am grateful” 
          - Nikki Ruddick, Singapore, 19mo postpartum

          Amber has created a safe space for postpartum women to exchange, find balance and confidence. Thank you for this opportunity! 12 weeks postpartum 
          - Elisa, Singapore

          These last 5 weeks with Amber have helped me tremendously to reconnect with my pelvic floor and core. It is a work in process but I feel stronger, probably kinder to my self and better prepared to follow peacefully the path of my recovery. Amber is an amazing source of knowledge when it comes to women’s health and pre-postpartum yoga. Her open-minded spirit and her kindness are inspiring and gave me a lot of support and motivation during this unsettling period.
          -Flore, Singapore, 9 weeks postpartum, 2nd baby

          A wonderful journey of elements and understanding our bodies postpartum, in steps and ways that feel right to us, at a speed that works for us individually. Would definitely recommend! — 12 weeks postpartum
          -Rashi, Singapore

          Amber Sawyer is definitely one of my most favorite yoga Teachers of my 10 years yoga practice. This course helped me to connect muscles, find right posture and understand how my body works. This course will have huge return on investment for my fitness and mind.
          -Martina, Singapore

          I highly recommend Amber’s postpartum elementals (now called: Core Awakening) course, even if you don’t feel like you need it! I’ve learned so much about my new postpartum body through the course, and there’s no one I’d rather have leading me on this journey than Amber. I’m eight months postpartum now, and I wish I’d taken this course sooner!
          -Emi, Singapore

          Amazing course. After 42 years of doing everything wrong, and experiencing all the symptoms Amber describes, I finally understand how to deal with a postpartum body. I finally found someone that understands the issues and actually has a solution for them! Critical and accurate information, support and an ongoing program. What else do you need?
          -Cheryl, Texas, USA

          I enjoyed the reconnection to my core in a safe way, with clarity and guidance provided by Amber. The classes were light and deep and held with much love.
          -Natasha Dalmia, Singapore

          Great series! Perfect to understand more on how to recover post childbirth. Great explanations and exercises. Amber is an amazing teacher, very clear, patient and precise. Her class is very soothing and a great breath from the craziness of motherhood
          -Anon, Singapore

          Such a great series with the brilliant Amber: her outstanding knowledge of mums pelvic floor is gold. Through some scaling complexity exercises, Amber allowed me to feel proud of what my body accomplished, to reconnect with the pelvic region muscles, and how to engage them in a safely manner. 

          Now, it’s on me to keep practicing and build up the strength, having the mental and physical foundations for a fresh start.
          -Camille, Singapore

          Founder of Embodied Woman Yoga

          Amber Sawyer, Ph D

          Pregnancy and postpartum can be such a potent time for a woman as she embraces change on every level of her being, as she steps towards the labyrinth of birth and motherhood, shedding who she is now in order to bring forth and take care of a new human being. 

          Amber Sawyer, PhD, Founder of Embodied Woman Yoga, specialises in developing mindful and foundational yoga practices for expectant, new and seasoned mothers, empowering them to find inner and outer alignment, connecting with their pelvic health, breath, body, mind and preparedness for birth and entry into postpartum. 

          Currently she serves as a birth assistant, pre and postnatal yoga teacher, and yoga teacher trainer. Amber founded Embodied Woman Yoga, which is a platform and collective for courses, CEUs, Yoga Teacher Trainings and resources related to women’s health, particularly pregnancy and postpartum

          I support postpartum women to reconnect to their ever-changing bodies, empowering themselves to move with confidence, clarity and vibrancy

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